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End-of-Life Care



Oh build your ship of death, oh build it in time and build it lovingly, and put it between the hands of your soul. 

                   -D. H. Lawrence



As a Death Doula, I provide holistic care for those approaching their end of life journey, along with loved ones and kindreds. As an advocate and companion, I offer compassionate, non-medical support in helping to find personal meaning, beauty, and grace in the process. I believe dying is more than just a medical experience or a crisis and can help create the space to more fully enter a sense of the profound. I understand the dying person’s life is still potent, vital, matters, and value the legacy they leave. I celebrate and uplift people's personal relationship to culture and identity, and have a specialty in working with the LGBTQ+ community. Opening up the essential questions and threads of a person's life as they enter into the liminal, I offer counsel in the pieces of one's life which needs tending and honoring.

Death care is life care. With intention, death and loss bring us into a closeness with what really matters most.

I believe in community supported death care, and tending to the webs of connection that weave our relational world. In this way, death care can be an act of radical stewardship in service of a more equitable, resilient collective belonging.  


Services offered are tailored to the individual needs of the client and their community. I understand that each journey is unique with differing needs.  I offer an initial free consultation to visit with you and discuss how I can best support you during this time.

  • Developing a support plan as the end of life nears​, and advocating your wishes

  • Coaching and counsel for emotional and spiritual support

  • Providing guidance in getting affairs in order 

  • Assisting with advanced directives

  • Co-creating legacy projects and life review

  • Helping develop and carry out a vigil plan

  • Holding ceremony and rituals tailored to you 

  • Facilitating connections with important people

  • Bedside companionship as the dying time nears


Death Doula Certification

Going with Grace - 2021

Conservation Burial Internship

Herland Forest Natural Cemetery 

- 2021

Deathwalker Archetype Training

Soul Passages - 2019

End of Life Doula Training

International End of Life Doula Association - 2017


Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Saybrook University - 2022 - present

Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability and Decolonial Sexuality Studies

Goddard College - 2017 - 2020


Dying Matters Guild

Co-founder, Board of Directors

A non-profit bringing community together around death care on the Olympic Peninsula, offering events, resources, and education

Tea to Die For, Sequim Death Cafe


Monthly "death cafe" offering informal conversations about death and dying with tea, and treats. Open to all.

Contact: 360-452-1511


Please contact me for information about pricing and the services I offer.


Sliding scale available for BIPOC, low income, trans/queer people and anyone marginalized or unable to access resources or care. I believe in futures born from collective accountability and care, please reach out if you are in need and we can collaborate.

Text or call:  360-481-7111


Be forever dead in Eurydice, and climb back singing. Climb praising as you return to connection. Here among the disappearing, in the realm of the transient,

be a ringing glass that shatters as it rings.

Be. And know as well the need to not be:

let that ground of all that changes bring you to completion now.

-Sonnets to Orpheus, II, 13

Skull photography by the wonderful LaVaughna Fenter


Whoever you may  be: step into the evening.

Step out of the room where everything is known. 

Whoever you are,

your house is the last before the far-off.

With your eyes, which are almost too tired

to free themselves from the familiar,

you slowly take one black tree

and set it against the sky: slender, alone.

And you have made a world.

It is big

and like a word, still ripening in silence.

And though your mind would fabricate its meaning,

your eyes tenderly let go of what they see.


-Rilke, Book of Images

translated by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows

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